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Ye Do Err Not Knowing the Scriptures

Text: Matthew 22:29
   I. Learn that the Scriptures are the standard of Life. 
      Hebrews 1:1-2; John 12:46-50
  II. Learn that err if we deviate from the Scriptures.
      A. Deuteronomy 4:2; Revelation 22:18-19; Galatians 1:6-9; 
         2 John 9
      B. Moses, smote Rock, went beyond – Erred. Numbers 20:7-
      C. Saul, saved Agag and best of flocks – Erred – fell 
         short.  1 Samuel 15
 III. People erred because they knew not the Scriptures.
      A. If had known Scriptures, would not have known – Res. 
         Daniel 12:2; John 19:16-26;
      B. Erred not knowing the power of God.
      C. Erred in lacking of understanding of life after death. 
         No excuse – Acts 17:30
      D. Ignorance source of error.
  IV. Others who know the Scriptures also Err:
      A. Want own will – young ruler. Matthew 19:16
      B. Prejudice – Acts 7:54-60 – Matthew 13:15
      C. Preconceived ideas – Jews and great commission – took 
         a miracle to show applied to Gentiles.
   V. Err on Doctrine of Election – not unconditional.
  VI. Err with regard of praying for salvation.
 VII. Err concerning work of Holy Spirit in conversion.
VIII. Err on purpose of Baptism.
  IX. Err on the results of sin after becoming a Christian.
   X. Err in attitude – Matthew 6:1-6
      A. Toward brethren – 2 Timothy 3:3
      B. Lack of gratitude – Luke 17:11

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